About Us

Alpha Wood Cabinetry Inc.

Alpha Wood Cabinetry Inc. 

15 years ago we started in the industry selling vanities as a retailer. 

We soon realized that purchasing vanities from our distributors was not only becoming a difficult task but we also were not getting the quality, finish or overall consistent build that we knew we wanted for our clients.

That’s when the light went on and we realized we could do it better ourselves.

We proudly produce a high-quality product that we are now able to offer to the market as a distributor and soon online retailer.
We go the extra mile with better quality glides. Better quality wood. Better fit and finish. 

Most of all we offer Better service to our vast clientele. YOU KNOW WHY? Cause we’re BETTER. 

Let us show you the Alpha Wood difference. We promise that your purchase will be the start of a long and beautiful relationship.

We are a proudly Canadian company simply here to serve you.

Call us today and we can start our journey together.

What We Do

Distributers of quality solid wood cabinetry products such as bathroom vanities and kitchen cabinets. 

Bathroom Vanities

Feature rich solid wood designs in wonderful color

Kitchen Cabinetry

Quality cabinetry designed to specifications


Shop a broad range of kitchen accoutrements 

Alpha Wood Cabinetry Inc.

Welcome to Alpha Wood Cabinetry. We specialize in reasonably priced direct to wholesale solid wood Batroom Vanities. 
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